International Robot Olympics

The International Robot Olympics are one of the biggest international robotics competitions. It is run annually by the International Robot Olympiad Committee and involves over 500 youth from 38 countries. After passing the preliminary rounds, participants must work in teams to design and build robots to accomplish the mission for the competition while racing against a tight time limit. These individuals learn to think algorithmically and logically. The IRO believes that the 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity) are necessary for the 21st century and is dedicated to develop these traits in the next generation.

The IRO aims to:

1. Uncover potential
2. Spark a strong interest in robotics
3. Promote the skill of self-learning
4. Deliver robust work-place oriented education through collaboration

Features of the competition

Participants → Staff

• After participants grow up, they are participating IRO as staffs for their juniors.

Accumulated Manuals

• More than 13,000 participants every year.
• Our accumulated data base and manuals from experiences in many competitions.

Computerized System

• Use RFID card and leader machine.
• Use our own program which managed participants’ information and results.

Consistent Rules

• From regionals to world championships, all countries and regions consistently follow our rules in each game, regardless of when it holds.

Unlimited types of robot

• A wide selection of Robot types. (Except some of categories)

open match

• All games open to all the visitors.


• Participants : Devise their own development goals.
• National partners andparticipating nations : Seek business in conjunction with IROC.


• Built on site Robots.
• Mission released on the day of match.
• The impossible to pre-work.
• Specialized knowledge needed.

A wide range of participants

• Step by step categories
• Motivation to go upper level.


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