Since the launch of the first smartphone, the world has changed terrifyingly quickly. This device, found in everyone’s pockets, has spread information on an unforeseen scale by connecting the world.

However, growing children are increasingly unfamiliar with books, and read off screens more often than paper. This is a generation that cannot fathom an Internet-less world. Despite the many advantages of the Internet and the fourth industrial revolution, there are deep unintended side effects that affect our youth. When children read books, they lack concentrate because they do not feel as stimulated.

We believe our engaging content and hands on approach allow for a level of mental and tactile stimulation that will allows students to have fun! The fun aspect of our programs paves the way for increased memory retention, lengthened periods of concentration, and reduces absenteeism.

We want to genuinely excite our students, and help them pursue their passions all while being educated… that’s every parent’s dream!


Our children will live in an era of information and communication technology, technological innovation, and the fourth industrial evolution.

The fourth industrial evolution results from the fusion of information and communication technologies and has and will lead to innovation in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology, world wide webs, 3D printing, and self-driving vehicles. There is a huge need of STEM professionals to drive forward that change.

Clearly, the future demands logical thinking, analytical ability, and creative problem solving. We are dedicated to filling that need.


There are so many benefits to the hands-on approach involved in robotics, most importantly improving children’s concentration.

We hope that as students learn, they will learn the joy of creation while applying scientific principles. It is undeniable that programming, assembling, and building your own little robot requires a depth of logical thinking. Making someone think is one of the hardest things to do, however there is a strong sense of accomplishment that comes with robotics that continues to motivate and inspire confidence.

Children are sure to be lost in deep concentration every single class, learn patience in problem solving, and take their thinking home.

KIDSFORTECH teaches children from 7 to 15 years old for a reason. That is when children undergo significant brain development. Teaching them to enjoy concentration, problem solving, and the application of science at this their age is sure to set them up for success!

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