Our Vision

KIDSFORTECH’s vision is to teach coding and robotics to Afternoon School Program in public schools and private schools in Canada and the United States. We also hope to connect with community centers and various youth programs to ensure that a wide range of students receive coding training. We have a vision to educate the next generation of children by constantly raising teachers through the KIDSFORTECH Training Institution and continually strengthening our bonds with various educational institutions.

Public School Cooperation

  • Kidsfortech provides instructors
  • Robot kits for schools.
  • School provides classroom organization for enrolment
  • After school activity
  • One lesson per week
  • Preparing competition
  • After school activity

Training Institution Cooperation

Community Centre, Science World, Youth Activity Centre

  • Robot Education Room
  • Robotics classroom
  • Robot competition area
  • Robot Experience Zone

Prepare Your Kid
For The Digital Age!

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