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KIDSFORTECH has already been operating successfully since 2010. Our parent company, Dr. Kim Education, founded KIDSFORTECH in China to address the need for robotics education, and has been designing, developing, and producing robotics kits ever since. Our R&D teams have gained a deep understanding of our educational program and have developed technologies to perfectly suit our needs.

We have been teaching students in both China and Korea, and our curriculum has only been improving. We are active in over 400 educational institutions providing quality education. We are proud to offer 6 different stages of robotic coding courses, basic robotics theory, and computer coding classes with exception software and hardware support for every level.

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Why KIDSFORTECH Robotics kits are better

Below are the analysis of the robotics kits available today.

How we’re different

KIDSFORTECH’s kits are developed for a variety of age groups and offer a greater range of complexity than other products in the market. They do not come pre-assembled which gives students the fun and rewarding opportunity to work with the bolts and nuts directly to assemble their kits. This hands-on experience requires focus, but it is a very great learning opportunity.

This also allows us to cut our margins and deliver kits for a much more reasonable price. Kits are also sold separately.

KIDSFORTECH components

After lots of develoment, our team has made sure that the KIDSFORTECH robotics kit has everything you need to build robots suitable for the situation.

One of the components are an Arduino, a common CHIP for robotic programming. It connects hardware and software very easily and is based on open source electronics platform. It essentially allows the motor to move, connect to power, and execute the program. Students will learn Arduino programming language and Arduino Software to master this widely used chip. The lessons that the students will be taught with KIDSFORTECH’s Robot Kit are very transferable. These skills are applicable to into all sectors where STEM is needed.

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