KIDSFORTECH’S education system begins with the fundamental micro controller module and advances to the configuration of components such as LED, buzzer, motors, and sensors. Modelled on a blend of configuration theories, our advanced curriculum teaches block programming to ensure that students understand both the hardware and software they’re dealing with, while maintaining interest.

7 Step Approach

Our 7 Step Approach to each class helps to maximize the time students spend in our classes.

  1. Establish class objective
  2. Acquire hardware knowledge through assembly
  3. Reinforce robotics theory through textbook instructions
  4. Improve logical cognition and critical thinking through instruction in coding
  5. Creation of a personalized robot based on foundational knowledge from material
  6. Boost confidence and develop a team-oriented mindset through competitions
  7. Enhance thought organization by analyzing and discussing their work on paper.


Computer programming, or coding, is essentially communicating with computers to perform useful commands. Why do you need to teach a child to code? There are lots of reasons! Coding:

  1. Fosters creativity
  2. Improves problem solving skills,
  3. Cultivates collaboration,
  4. Develops communication,
  5. And most importantly, coding is fun

Coding is already being implement in national curriculums worldwide in elementary and secondary schools.

At KIDSFORTECH, we provide coding lesson for children. We use Scratch, a very good starter language to teach the fundamentals of coding.

Scratch is an educational programming language developed by MiT and has over 35 million registered users and 37 million shared projects. Scratch is designed to be fun, educational, and easy to learn. It has tools for creating interactive stories, games, art,simulations, and more, using block-based programming.

The KIDSFORTECH Coding School is built on three learning objectives:

1. Understanding how computers
2. The basic concept of coding
3. Hands on exercises

Tuition & Program

Class open every week upon request! Choose your convenient schedule.
Please contact to 604-583-9968 / 778-955-9968

** Robotics Kits is required for students
** KIDSFORTECH Robotics Kits will be provided at a special discounted price to students.
** Level 1-3 KIDSFORTECH Robotics kits: $150+Tax** When the students return the kits without damage or missing part, $50 will be refunded.
** When the students take a coding class, they should bring their own laptop. In Level 1, they can have iPad or any Android Tap. In Level 2, they should have Window base OS laptop. (No Mac BooK or Ipad)

After School Program

Details for the times and courses differ per school. Please inquire at the phone number below for more information. T: 604-583-9968

Community Centre Program

More information will be provided on the KIDSFORTECH information centre.

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